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Help, stress, de zomertijd komt eraan. Bikiniproof zijn?! Ten eerste: fijn dat je aan je lijf wil werken. Lekker in je vel zitten, gewoon kunnen bewegen en lekker blijven eten, is top. Ten tweede: waarom zou je bikiniproof willen zijn? Je mag zijn zoals je bent.

Wil jij een paar kilo kwijt of liever minimaal 10 kilo laten 'wegsmelten'? Zo kan het toch niet verder ... Voel je fit en vitaal!

Wil je dit ook?

  • Slimme tips om nu wel te slagen

  • Een stok achter de deur om jou te motiveren

  • Werk aan je eigen plan

Wat krijg jij allemaal?

  • Lekker kopje koffie of thee met een gezonde snack

  • Je gaat direct van start

  • Motivatie om langdurig aan jouw leefstijl te werken

  • Gelegenheid om jouw vragen te stellen

What is a virtual race?

A virtual race can be completed any time or place you choose either on a treadmill or outside. You can choose the perfect date, location, and time of day to complete your selected distance.

What is a “virtual corral”?

A “virtual corral” is part of the traditional race day starting line experience. Simply report to the “starting line” of your chosen race route whether your front door, favorite park pathway, stretch of beach, off-road natural trail, or treadmill using the recommended event timeline for the Virtual Race of Hope. Those who opt to complete their Virtual Race of Hope will recapture the excitement of completing a race with other participants by starting at the exact same time.

Can I walk the race?

Yes, this is a walker-friendly event for all ages and abilities to complete at their own unique pace.

Can I complete my race distance on a bicycle?

Wheels do not count unless you are a handchair athlete planning to complete the entire distance in your chair.

Can I register after the race start date?

Yes! Registration for the race closes at 11:59 p.m. EST on 08/09/20.

Can I complete my virtual race on a treadmill?

Yes, you can complete your miles anywhere you choose, inside on a treadmill or outside on your chosen route.

When do I have to complete my virtual race distance?

While we encourage you to come together with the entire virtual race field and join us in your virtual corral on race day, you may choose to complete your race distance any date and time you choose.

Do I have to complete all of my miles on the same day?

No, you can accumulate miles from multiple fitness sessions to complete your total race distance.

What if I do not receive my finisher medal before race day?

Don’t worry as your well-earned medal is on its way to your mailbox! We expect race packets to arrive no later than 10 days after the Virtual Race of Hope event. It is not required to have your race bib or finisher medal in hand to begin your distance challenge.

What if I do not receive my race bib before race day?

You can choose to download and print a virtual Race of Hope bib if you want to complete your distance wearing a bib before your race packet arrives.

Do I have to wear my race bib?

While not required, we encourage you to recreate the race day experience by wearing your bib when you complete your Race of Hope miles. Plus, if you dedicate your race to someone, writing their name on your bib helps to add powerful motivation throughout your chosen race distance.

When do I receive my finisher medal?

Your finisher medal will arrive with your race packet. After 7/13/20, all race packets will arrive approximately 2-½ weeks after you have registered.

What will be included in my race packet?

The first 1,000 to register will receive a commemorative race jacket, hat, bib, and finisher medal in their race packet. After that, the next 500 to register will receive a race bib and finisher’s medal. Jacket sizes are offered first-come-first-served. If your requested size is no longer available, we’ll next try to send your second size choice, and then the next closest available size.

Can I choose my own race distance?

The minimum distance is a 5k (3.1 miles). But, if you would like to complete a greater distance to personalize your Race of Hope virtual experience, we encourage you to use the event to inspire you to complete your own personal challenge.

How do I track my distance?

How you track your distance is up to you. We recommend using a smartphone and app (Nike Run Club, Strava, RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal, ) or a smart device (Garmin, Apple Watch, Fitbit) to monitor your distance.

How do I report my race results?

Add your race results to the Race Results Leaderboard by using the Submit Results form. Our team will review your data and release your information within one week.

Do I need to utilize a GPS tracker to participate?

To ensure that you have truly completed the required race distance, we do recommend using a tracking device. Fitness devices and apps will make calculating your distance easier and are more precise, but their use is not required. Your race miles are completed on the honor system.

Will you ship my race packet to me if I live outside the U.S.A.?

At this time, shipping is only available to addresses within the U.S.A.

How much of my registration fee will go to the charity?

100% of all race and fundraising proceeds go directly to depression research. The Hope for Depression Research Foundation is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a not-for-profit public charity (Tax ID 20-4559210), contributions to which are deductible for income and gift tax purposes. All contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

Do I have to submit my race results to receive my finisher medal?

No, your finisher medal will arrive with your race packet regardless of when you submit your race results. Waiting to unwrap and reveal your gorgeous medal until after you have completed your chosen distance will help to add to your post-race excitement! As soon as you have completed your race, we'd love to see your race results.

How can I fix an error that I found on the race results that I submited?

Our event crew would be happy to help correct your information. Please connect with us to let us know what data should be changed so that we can help.

When will I receive my race packet?

Our team will begin shipping race packets no later than 7/13/20. Race packets will arrivie approximately 2-1/2 weeks after you have registered.

When will I receive my contest prize?

Share Hope contest winners will receive their prize shipped separately from their race packet no later than 3-weeks after the contest submission deadline.

When will I receive my donation gift HDRF canvas tote?

Participants that make a $100 or more donation at the time of their race registration will receive their gift shipped separately from their race packet no later than 3-weeks after race registration closes.

What is the official social media hashtag [#] for Race of Hope events?

Thank you for helping to share our mission! Please use #iRaceForHope on social media to link your posts, photos, and videos to the Race of Hope mission! We can't wait to see your messages and post race excitement!

What portion of my race registration fee will be used to fund research?

100% of all race and fundraising proceedsgo directly to depression research.

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