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Eet de helft van de helft van iets erg lekkers

Dat is één van mijn tips van de 25 tips leefstijl in balans. Vind jij jezelf dan zielig?

Lees dan: "However, people have a tendency to overestimate how much, and for how long, positive and negative events will impact them emotionally (Dunn, Wilson, & Gilbert, 2003; Gilbert, Morewedge, Risen, & Wilson, 2004; Sevdalis & Harvey, 2007). For example, Hsee and Zhang (2004) demonstrated that people expected larger chocolates to make them happier than smaller ones and *Corresponding author. Email: © 2014 Taylor & Francis The Journal of Positive Psychology, 2014 Downloaded by [SFSU San Francisco State University] at 14:56 02 April 2014 were willing to perform negative tasks in order to obtain more chocolate; however, it was shown that people were actually just as happy with chocolate regardless of its size. Thus, forecasting benefits that do not occur can lead people to engage in less enjoyable behaviors for rewards that are not realized. De hele paper lezen? Ga dan naar Researchgate.

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