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Gezondheidscultuur voor jouw bedrijf. Why?

Waarom zou jij als bedrijf bezig zijn met een gezondheidscultuur? Ik citeer Harvard, waar ik de cursus: 'Improving your business through a culture of health' volg.

John Quelch:

Building a culture of health means improving American society so that everyone has the best chance to live a healthy life. All around us today, we see growing imbalance and disparities among Americans between those with resources and those without. Health is one highly important dimension of that broader disparity. The culture of health idea encourages an integrated approach, where your good health and well-being and that of your family are at the center of American life. This involves much more than just medical care. In addition, a healthy life for you, your family, and your business also involves things such as financial protection, well-being, good education, and essential public services such as clean water and clean air. We know that these kinds of gains also help businesses to thrive and grow by improving productivity and increasing capital investments. The dollars that we waste in America on fixing poor health depress wages,

reduce profits, divert money from other important investments, and create a cycle that further accelerates poor health outcomes. America's good health is a major part of our wealth. This applies to all American businesses so they can stay vibrant and competitive.

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